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You won't come over and you won't come see me and say sorry, you're too lazy

you just want to hang out with your mom all the time

you could make time for me and then hang out with her while i'm at work but no, you're just selfish

maybe I'm the one being selfish

I've told you a million times you can come over but you won't

this relationship won't work because you're too dependant on your mom. you ask her for money, she takes you out, she bribes you with smokes and booze, she's fucked up, she's lame and has no life

i'm tired of you refusing to find balance and being codependant, like grow the fuck up
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photo dump

Because my life is interesting and stuff idk

The monstrous carnation lei My aunt kay, Brad, and I handmade made for Ethan's graduation. also my fridge is open?

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